This blog was created to remind you that no matter what your situation is in life, regardless of your struggles and challenges, there is always, ALWAYS something you can do to make someone else’s day brighter. And when you serve someone else, you will find that your own problems and struggles will seem just a little bit easier. I’m going to share lots of service ideas with you – free things, cheap things, things that cost money; ideas that may take lots of time and ideas that take almost no time; projects you can do alone, with your family, and with your community. We’ll share our success stories and celebrate over the wonderful feeling that comes when we make this world a better place. Whether your passion is serving those in your community, reaching out to those in other countries, helping kids or teens or the homeless … come along on this journey with me. Let’s do some good together.

4 Comments on What is this website all about?

  1. As I’m not on facebook, could you please add me to your subscriber list. Your principles and ideas appeal to my Christian beliefs and I could always use suggestions for new ways to help my community and do as He would have us do unto others. Thank you for your willingness to be all that He is calling you to be.
    Thank you.

  2. Please add me to your subscriber list too!! I admit to wanting to use many of your ideas as projects and as jumping off points for other projects for my fraternal organization next “term”, one a month–or more.
    You have also reminded ME that no matter where we are, there are moments and small acts to make big differences.

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