Somehow, 2016 is already gone. And last night, I began reflecting on my habit of choosing one word to focus on each year, rather than choosing resolutions. Because I have never, ever stuck to a New Year’s resolution. But one word to focus on all year long – that’s what works for me.


As I thought about this last year, though, I was feeling discouraged. Frankly, I struggled with the word I chose in 2016. It truly wasn’t until December when I felt like I had begun to succeed at my goal for the year. I was feeling discouraged and frustrated.

But this morning, I realized something.

It’s not bad to set a goal that you struggle with all year. In fact … that seems to have been a perfect goal for me. I worked, I struggled … and at the end, finally, I made progress.

So now a new year is here, and it’s time for me to choose a new word. As with previous years, I gave it a lot of thought, but there was really only one word that kept coming back to mind. A word that emulates not just how I want to feel, but the light and hope that I want to project.


This year … I choose joy. I choose not to wait for happiness to come to me, but to find it. I choose to more fully seek the sunshine and keep my back to the shadows. I choose to live in a way that shows others that life is good, that happiness is possible, that hope exists.

In 2017, I choose joy.

What about YOU? What are you choosing this year?

2 Comments on Word of the Year – 2017

  1. Us is my word and only resolution this year. It involves so much. Me and God. Me and my husband. Me and my family. Me and the people I try to serve. Me and my friends.