Hi there, friends! I apologize for the two week gap in writing. I have been very busy, as I’m sure you all have. This is a wonderful time of year, but SO busy! I hope your holiday season is a beautiful one.

Lately, my kids and I have found ourselves taking the long way home when we’re driving in the evening. They LOVE looking at all of the Christmas lights and decorations in our neighborhood – and so do I! I am so grateful for those who take the time (and the money) to make the neighborhood look beautiful. So this week, we are going to repeat one of our challenges from last year: we are going to tell our neighbors thank you!

Thank you treat

It’s pretty simple: just print off our free printable tags (or make your own cards and tags). Attach a treat of some kind. And then drive around your neighborhood, looking for beautiful decorations! You can doorbell ditch the thank-you note (that’s what we did last year, and my kids LOVED it). You can leave it in a mailbox. Or you can knock on a door and meet a new neighbor. How you choose to do it us up to you; just take a few minutes to say thank you. I am willing to bet most people do not expect any thanks, but will probably be delighted to get a small token of appreciation. Because we ALL like to be appreciated, don’t we? So go out and make your neighborhood a little bit happier tonight!

Christmas decoration challenge

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