Hello, everyone, and thank you SO much for joining me in celebrating my birthday with acts of kindness! I am going to keep updating this list throughout the day. I would LOVE it if we made it to 100! If you are able to go our of your way to do an act of kindness for a stranger, would you please let us know what you did? You can comment here or on our Facebook page, or e-mail me at [email protected] If you want to include your city and/or state, that would be awesome, too! Thank you for celebrating with me – you have no idea how happy this makes me.

Birthday Acts of Kindness

  1. Left a gift for the waitress at breakfast (Grand Prairie, TX)
  2. Making dinner for a friend whose husband recently had surgery
  3. Bought a gift for P.E. teacher (Grand Prairie, TX)
  4. Packed a care package for a friend who will be in basic training over the holidays
  5. Sharpened pencils to make school kits for kids in need (done by a 5-year-old)
  6. Sent flowers to a friend fighting cancer (Ripon, CA)
  7. Donated baby items to a family who lost their home in a fire
  8. Sent a “just-because” card to a friend
  9. Bought extra toiletries to donate
  10. Gave out coupons for free cookies from the cafeteria for 40 students and staff members to find
  11. Sent a card to a friend who is having a tough year
  12. Gave treats to a friend at work
  13. Wheeled in a neighbor’s garbage can (Manteca, CA)
  14. Handed out stickers in a store (done by a 2-year-old)
  15. Donated 8 inches of hair to a program that makes wigs for kids with hair loss
  16. Send a Hanukkah care package to brother and his comrades on an army base
  17. Spent time talking to a woman who was eating alone
  18. Clicked to donate for free at The Hunger Site
  19. Clicked to help homeless animals at The Greater Good
  20. Clicked to donate at The Breast Cancer Site
  21. Clicked to donate at The Animal Rescue Site
  22. Clicked to donate at The Veterans Site
  23. Clicked to support therapy services at The Autism Site
  24. Clicked to donate at The Alzheimers Site
  25. Clicked to support research at The Diabetes Site
  26. Clicked to help give a book at The Literacy Site
  27. Clicked to help protect wildlife at The Rainforest Site
  28. Brought treats to the staff at a care center for adults with disabilities (Duncanville, TX)
  29. Left a note and a gift card for a new mom to find (tucked inside the diaper changing station in Target)
  30. Shopped for Operation Christmas Child
  31. Sent care packages to military personnel
  32. Sent care packages to college students
  33. Anonymously sent a gift card to new parents
  34. Gave a waiter a gift card to give to another diner
  35. Bought toys for kids with cancer
  36. Sharpened pencils for school supply kits for Operation Christmas Child
  37. Donated a pumpkin pie to a family
  38. Had a shoebox packing party
  39. Helped someone with plumbing questions
  40. Chose a child’s wish list from Salvation Army angel tree
  41. Cleaned up trash in the park
  42. Bought candy for the next person in line at the movie theater

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