So I realize that many of my posts lately have been about Operation Christmas Child. This week is packing week, so I promise that they’ll slow down soon. But I had to share this story with you today, in honor of Kindness Matters Monday.

I teach preschool music, and I often spend the first minute or two of class asking kids a question about their weekend, what fun things they’re doing, etc. Today, I told one of my classes that I’d be having a shoebox packing party this weekend. None of them had ever heard of Operation Christmas Child (well, except for my son), and they listened attentively.

” … And then I pack them with things like a toothbrush and toothpaste, school supplies, and toys. Oh, and candy!”

And then came a little voice. “And love?”

I froze. I choked up. And I smiled.

“Yes, sweetie. And so, so much love.”

Your one box? It matters.

(I’ve watched a lot of these videos, y’all. But 20 seconds in, and my heart … oh.)

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