And today’s Kindness Matters Monday story is brought to you by … Facebook?

This morning, Facebook “reminded” me of this story that I shared three years ago today. And since it is a perfect fit with this week’s kindness challenge, I wanted to share it. Keep packing those shoeboxes!

Kindness Matters Monday

Who’d like to read a heart-warming story?

(Hands begin waving in the air. “Me! Me!”)

Okay then …

Today I took advantage of my both-kids-in-preschool day to do a little bit more store-hopping. I went several places, poking through clearance racks and looking for good deals on fun stuff for Operation Christmas Child (especially for little boys – I mostly have girly things). At Kroger, I found a fun little toy truck on the clearance rack, and I noticed there were little “collectors packs” with a small Hot Wheels car and some stickers for 80 cents each. I grabbed a few and went to check out. The cashier said, “Some little boy is going to be very happy!” I laughed and told her, “I hope so!” I explained a little bit about Operation Christmas Child. We chatted, I paid, and then as I started to walk away, I looked at my receipt and realized that the Hot Wheels were only 40 cents. I turned around, grabbed a few more, and hopped back in line. The cashier smiled at me and I explained that I couldn’t resist such a great deal. The elderly gentleman who was checking out ahead of me asked how much the toys cost. I told him, and then he opened his mouth and made my day.

“If I give you two dollars, will you go buy some more and add them to your shoeboxes?”

I hadn’t even realized he was listening to me talk to the cashier a moment before, but he was, and he decided he wanted to help. He opened up his wallet, pulled out three one-dollar bills, handed them to me, and said, “There you go. Go get some more.”

Choked up, I thanked him, ran back, and grabbed another handful of toys.

I don’t know anything about that man. I don’t know if he has millions of dollars sitting in the bank, or if those three dollars were a real sacrifice for him. But somewhere in the world, probably in the midst of poverty we can’t really imagine, on Christmas morning, a little boy will open his box and find several toy cars to play with. I hope that sweet old man remembers that on Christmas. I hope he is blessed for his kind, giving heart.

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