The time has come.

Pumpkins are everywhere. Costume boxes have been taken down from the attic. Masks and capes and sparkly tiaras are in bedrooms all over America, and parents near and far are tired of hearing the same question: “How many more days until Halloween??”

Some people love this holiday, and I can see why. Some steer clear of it – and I can see why. But wherever you stand on the Halloween spectrum, it’s a fantastic time to spread kindness! And this week, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Backwards Trick-or-Treat challenge

So what is backwards Trick-or-Treating?

You go out. You knock on doors/stop by work desks/visit a nursing home/etc. And you leave behind a treat.

It’s so easy!

I love this challenge because you can customize it to your situation. Do you have young kids? Have them put their costumes on – they’ll love getting to wear them for an extra night! Do you know someone who could use cheering up? This is the perfect opportunity to stop by. Do you know someone homebound/in the hospital/in a nursing home? Go make their day! Want to be anonymous? Doorbell ditch a treat. And keep in mind, it certainly doesn’t have to be candy. If food allergies/medical conditions are present, you can drop off mini pumpkins, stickers and small toys (for kids), or even a handmade Halloween card.

And if you’d like, you can print off little tags to attach to these, especially if you’ll be doorbell ditching them! Here they are: Backwards Trick-or-Treat Challenge printable. (If you’d like this image larger/smaller, please let me know and I can easily make that for you. This printable has nine per page.)

So that’s it! Are you planning on participating? I would love to hear!

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