Last week, the service ghost from last year re-visited for our weekly service challenge. And although I love the service ghost, I have given him a lot of thought … and I decided to give him a bit of a face lift.

Kindness Ghost

So here he is – the new and improved kindness ghost! And this week, he strikes again … with quarters.

The Quarter Challenge 015

Our service challenge is simple. Print off this printable version of the Kindness ghost (it contains the image shown above; there are four per page). Grab some quarters and some tape. And head off to spread a little bit of kindness.

The Quarter Challenge 026

There are SO many ways you can do this challenge, but here are a few of my favorites:

    • Visit a hospital and tape them on a vending machine
    • Stick some in coin-operated candy machines or toy machines for kids
    • Leave them in a shopping cart at Aldi
    • Load up a coin-operated washing machine in a laundromat

The Quarter Challenge

I love this challenge because it’s fast. It’s cheap. And it can make someone’s day.

Ghost with quarters

I am SO in.

Are you?

1 Comment on The Kindness Ghost Strikes Again

  1. What a fun idea! In our house we have Fred the Ghost Monster wreak havoc (my kid’s version of “Not Me”). I think ol’ Fred could take a few lessons from the Kindness Ghost. Maybe he’ll have to come visit in my area.