Fall has come!

You know those people who just love autumn? The ones who are on Facebook rejoicing because YAY, it’s sweater-football-cider-scarf-hot-chocolate-not-a-million-degrees-outside-season?

Yeah, that’s not me.

Because fall means winter is coming, and winter and I … we don’t get along so well.

But whether I like it or not, fall is here, and that means it’s time for one of my favorite service challenges!

Service ghost

This challenge is simple: print off a copy of our service ghost. Do something nice for someone else. Leave behind the service ghost.

And then hopefully, it gets passed on.

So easy!

Here are our ideas from last year:

  • Create a “service ghost” for your household. When you find the ghost, it means someone has done something kind for you! (Completed a chore that you usually do, cleaned your room, made you a treat, etc.) Come up with some kind of “rule” for the ghost (such as, you have 24 hours to pay it forward to someone in your family) and set it in motion.
  • Drop off a treat or a small fall-themed gift (candle, pumpkin, etc.) on someone’s desk at work or school, or leave it on someone’s doorstep.
  • Find an act of service you enjoy doing (like the quarter challenge) and leave the note behind – this way you are serving people you don’t even know!

You can use this free service ghost printable (it’s a copy of the image printed above) if you want, or you can design your own if you’re crafty.

And here’s one of the cool things about having a website that is more than a year old: here is a message I got last fall during our service ghost challenge!

“Hi, I work in an elementary school office, this morning I came to work and there was a big plate of cookies waiting there, from someone who said our staff was wonderful…and your website was at the bottom of the note! Then I looked it up, and your name is Kimber too!! Just wanted to say, love your idea, and as the recipient of “some good today” I am thrilled and anxious to pass it on! Thanks for whatever part you played in our surprise! Kimber S.”

I had nothing to do with these treats – this was a project done by one of you. But it made my day to get this note! It is so exciting to think of people all over the world joining together to do kind things.

So what’s your plan for this week? How will you participate in this challenge?

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