Several weeks ago, reader Julie submitted an idea for our weekly service challenge: “The take-a-bag-and-go-on-a-walk challenge! Pick up any garbage/trash you see and throw the bag away at the park/home/wherever!”

And because she is so smart and wise and beautiful (plus also, my mom), I loved the idea. So that is this week’s service challenge. It’s simple, it’s fast, and it’s free!

If you have children, this is an awesome opportunity to have a discussion about being a good neighbor, about taking care of our community, and about why we don’t litter (it doesn’t just disappear). So this week, walk around your neighborhood, walk by the ocean, walk in the mountains, walk through a playground … just take a walk, pick up some trash, and leave a place you love looking a bit better than you found it.

For more ideas, see our Clean your Community challenge.

Make the world a nicer place to live


P.S. If you have any ideas for upcoming service challenges, please feel free to let me know! You can simply give me your idea, or you can write it up and submit a guest post. I’d love to hear from you!

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