“My mom turned 70, so we gave her a heart attack.”

Doesn’t sound much like a Kindness Matters Monday post, does it?

Kindness Matters Monday

But I love this story, and so will you. One Creative Mommy shared this awesome story on her website today about her mom who, when asked, said she didn’t want anything for her birthday:

” … When asked again, she replied, “I don’t really need anything. Why don’t you all just do something nice for someone else?” LIGHTBULB! Operation Service was born. With only a few weeks until her birthday, I divided the number 70 among my extended family (3 each), and asked each person to perform 3 acts of service for someone else before Grandma’s birthday.”

To read the story (and to see her cute pictures), click here to read her wonderful blog post. I love this story; what an amazing gift to give to someone who really doesn’t need (or even want) any more “stuff”. And what a wonderful teaching opportunity this was for the children in her family!


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