If you have a CVS nearby – today is a great time to stop in, if you want to serve on a budget!

At both of the CVS stores near my house, many of their summer-ish dollar items are on clearance for 75% off. And neither store had any kind of signs up, so there was a ton of stuff on the shelves! Everything pictured here was just 25 cents. If you see these items at your store, check them out at the red “price check” machine. (And make sure to scan your CVS card at that machine, too. It prints coupons!!)

25 cent deals at CVS

* The sunglasses, hair accessories, and stickers are all great for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. That’s probably what I’ll use them for. But they are also a great donation item for a local shelter!
* The sandwich sized Ziploc bags are also great for shoeboxes – I always double-bag my candy and my soap, in the hopes of (somewhat) preventing the candy from tasting soapy. The quart-sized bags are perfect for making blessing bags!
* I had a few minutes, so I scanned a lot of the summer items and found about half of them were on clearance. I bought a jump rope for 74 cents, and my son got a fishing game for $1.49. It kept him busy for half an hour. Priceless. 🙂
* If you’re ready to really put on your bargain-shopping brain on, there’s another great deal at CVS this week. If you spend $10 on CVS toothbrushes or toothpaste, you get back $8 in Extra Bucks (which can be turned around and used immediately). So if you are planning on spending some money at CVS anyway, buy some toothbrushes (I stocked up for shoeboxes and blessing bags), get your $8, and then turn around and use that $8 coupon to buy your clearance items! The deal has a limit of 2, so I bought $20 of toothbrushes and got $16 back.

Please feel free to leave any questions for me!

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