So here’s the thing about me, y’all.

Driving? It makes me a little twitchy.

Parking garages? Not my favorite thing.

Driving downtown? Makes me a bit ill.

And today, I had to drive downtown to my chiropractor’s office, and I kind of got stuck in the parking garage. For me, it was a panic attack just waiting to happen.

The garage was totally full when I arrived, which had never happened to me before. Luckily, just as I was starting to panic (I had no idea where else to go), someone left, and I was able to snag their spot. It was the worst spot in the parking garage – cars were tightly packed on either side, and a huge pole (and a row of cars) right smack behind me. But I didn’t care. I took the parking spot, feeling grateful, and hurried into my appointment.

But when it was time to go … well, I had a hard time backing out. Managing to maneuver so I didn’t scrape the cars next to me, the cars parked behind me, or the giant pole … I was so thankful that there was no one behind me waiting to get out. And equally grateful that there was no one watching my awkward 13-point turn.

Until suddenly, there was.

Kindness Matters Monday

Suddenly, a man appeared in front of me. I was a little bit startled – I’d been so busy looking behind me and to the sides, I hadn’t even noticed him walking toward me. I wasn’t sure what he wanted – until he began to wave me forward, a big smile on his face.

That kind man – a total stranger – helped guide me out of my precarious parking space and sent me on my way with a friendly wave and smile.

I have no idea who that man is. The chance that I’ll ever see him again is very slim. But today, on Kindness Matters Monday, I am so grateful for him. I’m grateful that he took a moment out of his busy day to help a stranger, and that he did so cheerfully.

Thanks, kind stranger.

You matter to me today.

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