So you know how there are LOTS of opportunities to do good in the world?

And how usually you just think, “Wow, that’s awesome” … and move on?

But sometimes … sometimes you stop. Sometimes something really touches your heart. Sometimes you just HAVE to do something.

That was me this week. That was Maxwell’s Soaps.

The timing was perfect – as I began writing this week’s Help the Homeless service challenge, I saw an awesome fundraiser on Facebook. It caught my eye. I stopped to read – and I was hooked.

See, there’s a cool veteran. His name is Max. He came home from the military, moved to LA, and was horrified to realize how many people have almost no ability to get clean. In his own words, “I was infuriated by the lack of access to basic hygiene among the city’s homeless, especially marginalized PTSD-affected veterans.  How could it be that a war veteran lives dirtier at home than at war?”

So Maxwell decided to do something about that.

He started a new company – Maxwell’s Soaps. As Max describes, “Combining a premium formula for soap with the cause we are serving is unlike anything on the market. I’ve perfected my flagship product: a premium goats milk glycerin soap blended with organic coconut. This creates a detergent-free soap base that naturally hydrates and softly exfoliates. My soaps are scented with essential and fragrant oils to give an incredibly refreshing scent.  “

Yeah. That sounds a lot cooler than my normal soap.

Max doesn’t just make soap. He provides jobs (his company is 100% veteran owned and operated). He gives back to his community. And right now, he’s doing something AWESOME. He’s started a fundraiser. The goal: $15,000. And with that, he will be providing 6 months worth of soap to one of my favorite organizations, Lava Mae.

Now here’s the thing. It’s … soap. Normally fancy soap isn’t really my thing. Because honestly, I’m cheap. I buy whatever soap I can get for free (or almost free) with a coupon. I find a scent I like, throw it into my shopping cart, and don’t give it too much thought.

But imagine if you didn’t have access to soap every day.

Imagine if your opportunities for a shower were incredibly limited.

Imagine living on the filthy streets. Imagine carrying all of your possessions around in a backpack or a shopping cart and bring terrified to leave it because if someone steals it, you have just lost everything.

Then imagine stepping into a shower. And imagine using not just cheap, whatever-no-one-else wanted soap.

Imagine having a bar of luxury soap.

Imagine how clean you’d feel.

Imagine how pampered you’d feel.

I’d imagine that you just might feel like a person again.

And THAT, friends, is why I love this fundraiser.

It’s why I donated $20, and why I’m thrilled to receive my bar of soap soon.

And it’s why this week, I’m going to donate $20 more … on behalf of one of you.

Yup, I’m doing a giveaway. For a $20 donation to Maxwell’s fundraiser, a bar of his premium, veteran-made, amazing goat’s milk soap is delivered to you. So I’m going to pay the $20, and the winner of this giveaway will have the soap delivered to them after the campaign ends. And because he’s pretty awesome, Maxwell is going to make this even better by adding a shirt. So you get some awesomely fancy soap to use or to give away. You get a new shirt.

And homeless people in San Francisco are given their dignity back. One shower at a time.

I am so excited about this giveaway, y’all. First of all, I think the soap sounds pretty amazing. When the fundraising campaign is done, I am thrilled to try it out. And I want to share that with one of you.

But much more than the actual soap … I am excited about this company and their vision.

I’m excited to hear about someone who sees a need in the world … and then DOES something about it.

I’m excited to learn about someone who proves, without a doubt, that Kindness Matters.

And I knew you would be too.

So please, enter our giveaway. Share it with your friends. Let people know about this awesome fundraiser. Give others the opportunity to be a part of something awesome today.

Are you ready? Here’s how to enter!

This giveaway will end on Friday, July 17th at 10:00 PM CST. You can earn up to 4 entries for this contest. Please leave a separate comment for each entry. Thank you!

* Share the love. Tell someone about Lava Mae and/or Maxwell’s soaps. Tell them in person, share it on FB, send an e-mail … let someone know about these awesome programs. (You can even find Lava Mae and Maxwell’s Soaps on Facebook!)
* Leave an encouraging comment here for Maxwell and his team. I’ve had the opportunity to chat with Maxwell a bit on Facebook, and he’s pretty awesome. And from what I can tell of his employees, they’re pretty awesome too. Leave a note for these fantastic vets letting them know we appreciate them!
* Share what you’ve done, or will be doing, for the homeless this week. Are you a part of this week’s Help the Homeless challenge? Share your ideas with us!
* Share this giveaway. I have a post on FB that you can share – or use whatever form of social media you prefer! Just be sure to link it back here.

That’s it, everyone! Remember to leave a separate comment (up to 4) for each entry. The winner will be announced by Saturday, July 18th, at noon.

24 Comments on Kindness Matters Monday: Maxwell’s Soaps Giveaway

  1. My husband and I were discussing with out 16 year old and 21 year old daughters tonight at dinner about how there are so many veterans who have risked their lives for our freedom and are now struggling to get the quality of health care that they so desperately need and deserve. This is an awesome thing that Max is doing! Thank you Max for serving then and serving now! You rock!

  2. Also, what I’m doing this week for the homeless in our area is to drop off all of the hotel/motel toiletries I’ve squirreled away from various stays. They won’t be nearly as nice as Maxwell’s Soaps, but hopefully they’ll help until the word (and the soaps) get out.

  3. Maxwell + team, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making a difference! I get so inspired hearing stories like yours! Anyone can hear of a problem but it takes a special person to act on it! My husband grew up north of SF. On our next trip out, I would love to visit your facility – maybe even my family and I could join you as you hand out soap one day! That would be awesome!

  4. Like Miss Peach above, we also save hotel/motel toiletries whenever we travel (I’ve even been known to ask for extras just to have more to give away!). We don’t have a visible homeless population in our town but it’s the ones we don’t see that bother me the most – the children. So many are living in substandard homes, cars, or worse. The school food pantries accept donations of hygiene products – especially the small sizes. They are perfect to use in the school showers. Thank you for all you do and for bringing awareness and ways that we can help!

  5. I looked up immediate needs at my local homeless shelter. Flip Flops are one of the most needed items right now. I noticed flip flops at the dollar tree so I plan to go get a bunch of different sizes and will drop off. Thanks for the challenge Kimber!

    • Interesting – I wouldn’t have even thought of flip flops. But shoes are always a need, and I know a lot of people prefer to wear flip flips when they’re using public showers. I’ll have to remember that! Thanks for sharing that with us.