It’s Fourth of July weekend! Time for swimming and BBQ, fireworks and parades. So many opportunities for fun, and family, and friends.

And also, unfortunately … several opportunities for danger.

I hope this holiday is nothing but fun and relaxation for you. But … what if something happened to your grill and it started a fire? What if a neighbor set off illegal fireworks and one landed on your roof? Who do you think is working extra hard on July 4th?

Our firemen!

And we’re going to thank them.

Thank a Fireman

Last week, we focused on our police officers. This week, we’re thanking our firemen for their service and their bravery. Because if my house was on fire, they would without a doubt come busting through the door to save me, to save my husband, and to save my children. People they’ve never even met – they’d risk their lives to try to save mine.

So I think it’s about time we meet, don’t you?

Our family’s tradition is to bring treats every 4th of July (and September 11th) to the fire station, but since we just moved, this will be our first time visiting these firemen and I am so excited!

If you’d like to participate in this week’s challenge, here are a few ideas for you:

* Bring a card or a note to your fire station (my kids used this idea to make cards)
* Show up with food (either portable snacks or, if they have a kitchen, ingredients to make a simply but hearty meal). Many of these firemen are volunteers, and many put in long, late hours. When returning from an emergency, exhausted and hungry, how awesome to have all of the stuff on hand to make a filling dinner! That’s what we’re doing this week. (If you’re on a tight budget, here are a few ideas I shared on my cousin’s website for ways I’ve earned extra money to do service projects: Shopkick funds my firemen treats and my blessing bags, and Swagbucks and Ibotta fund my sponsorship of a young mom in Kenya!)
* Bake a treat. Unlike policemen, who tend to be a little more hesitant to eat homemade treats from strangers, firemen are usually more than happy to accept them. 🙂 If you’re unsure about bringing homemade items, give them a call first – they’d be happy to tell you. They might even be thrilled if you ask for requests!
* Bring a gift card to a local restaurant, or just have food delivered! Order a few pizzas, send Chinese food – whatever you have room for in your budget.
* Just show up. Sometimes that’s all you need to do. Just show up and say thank you.

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Y’all, our firemen … they need to be our heroes.

And this 4th of July … and September 11th … and always …

We need to remember the 5

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