Kindness Matters Monday

I grew up in Northern California, and our closest major city was San Francisco. Although I had fun when we’d visit, I can remember dreading visits to “The City” for one reason: I knew that I would see many homeless people. I knew it would make me sad. And I knew that there wasn’t much I could do about it.

To be honest, as an adult, it’s easy to feel the same way. Homelessness breaks my heart, but it’s a problem that’s so big, it’s easy to think that little can be done to help.

But that would be wrong.

A few months ago, I learned about a group called Lava Mae. Their idea is brilliant: They take old buses and transform them into traveling bathrooms and showers. And they restore humanity, one shower at a time.

“With hygiene comes dignity; and with dignity, opportunity.” Such inspiring and powerful words.

You can check out there site here. You can also follow them on Facebook here. I love seeing their updates in my newsfeed – it lifts my heart to see the work that they’re doing. It’s amazing to see the joy a simple shower can bring.

It’s just one more reminder that kindness matters.

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