Kindness Matters Monday

This Saturday, I had errands to run. And I did not have many hours to run them. I was in go mode. In one store, out the other … I was on a mission.

Finally, I was at the last store, prepared to make my final purchase. I grabbed a shopping cart, turned around … and saw a sweet old lady smiling kindly at me. I was taken aback, but I instantly smiled back. I couldn’t help it – it was almost a reflex. How could I help but respond to that much light and love, even coming from a total stranger?

I pulled my shopping cart behind her and noticed a man walking toward us. He looked up and caught … not my eye, but hers. I could tell he noticed her, because I saw the look coming across his face that had been on my own just seconds before. Mild surprise, and then an ear-to-ear grin. He was as charmed by this sweet woman as I was.

This small moment – these few smiles – they touched me. I paused, then I walked up to that woman and gently placed my hand on her arm. “Excuse me, ma’am. But … do you know what an awesome thing you just did? You were walking around with such a beautiful smile that I couldn’t help but smile back. And I saw another man pass in front of you … you made him smile, too. You just go around spreading sunshine, don’t you? I just wanted to let you know that you made an impact on me today. Thank you.”

Surprised, she thanked me. We chatted for a moment and went our separate ways. I will likely never see this woman again.

But I hope I never forget what she taught me with two simple smiles.

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