Thank you so much, everyone, for your support for last week’s challenge! If you want to check out the wonderful things the Let’s Do Some Good Today community did yesterday, click here. And if you participated and didn’t get back to me yet, it’s not too late. I’d love to add you to the list!

To those who live in the USA, this weekend is Memorial Day.

This holiday can mean all kinds of different things. It could mean swimming or boating or camping. It could mean BBQs and s’mores, potato salad and watermelon. It could mean a day off of work or school, a day to sleep in, a day to be with family. No matter what you do this Monday, I hope it’s a wonderful day.

But do we get so busy on Memorial Day that we might forget … to remember?

Are we remembering the people who fought and died for our freedom? Are we remembering those who come home injured? Are we remembering those who came home “safe and sound”, but will bear emotional wounds for the rest of their lives? Are we remembering the families who have to say goodbye?

This week, amidst the fun and the celebration … we are going to say thank you.

Thank a Soldier Challenge


We’re going to be repeating a past challenge – we’re going to be thanking a soldier. If you have completed this challenge before, that’s awesome! This time, perhaps you can try something new.

As for me, tomorrow I will be going to volunteer with a group of disabled adults. We are going to sing patriotic songs, and we are going to make cards to send to soldiers who are from our area and are currently stationed overseas. I’m using to choose the troops we’re going to support, as well as to find out what items they most need right now.

Please join me! You can click here to get details on the Thank a Soldier Challenge. I have lots of ideas for you – hopefully you can learn something new! And please let us know if you have any more ideas or suggestions! I’d love to hear how you’re saying thank you.

4 Comments on Memorial Day Challenge: Thank a Soldier

  1. I am going to join you in this challenge. I am going to write several anonymous letters to vets who might need some cheering up and send to a vet. center. lists all the vet hospitals and centers by state.

    Thanks for the challenge Miss Kimber!

  2. My family had a great time with this challenge! We spent the day at an amusement park, but the first thing we did when we got to the park was to set up a table with paper, crayons, markers and stickers and an invitation to write a note, card or letter to a veteran. At the end of the day we came back to 33 beautiful messages of appreciation that we will deliver to our local VA hospital! Thank you for this challenge!