It’s here! 100 Acts of Kindness Day is finally here! 🙂

100 Acts of Kindness Day

Today, as you complete your act (or acts) of kindness, please leave a comment here or on our Facebook page. I’d love a brief summary of what you did, as well as your location. I’ll keep updating this post throughout the day.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for participating with us!

1. Allowed a young mother to go to the front of the line at a department store – Manteca, CA
2. Donated to Confident Children out of Conflict’s trampoline fundraiser – Grand Prairie, TX (to benefit Juba, South Sudan)
3. Left money inside a Redbox DVD for the next person who rents it (to buy a snack)
4. Surprised 3rd grade daughter with lunch at school – Duncanville, TX
5. Gave out cookies to people eating lunch at Chick Fil A – Grand Prairie, TX
6. Gave a Target gift card to a young mother – Grand Prairie, TX
7. Donated blood. (Did you know that one blood donation can save up to 3 lives? Click here or call 1-800-RED-CROSS to get started!)
8. Shopped for Operation Christmas Child (this challenge was chosen by a 4-year-old) – Grand Prairie, Texas
9. Hid dollars in the aisles of the dollar store (this challenge was chosen by a 6-year-old) – Duncanville, Texas
10. Pre-loaded the carts at Aldi with quarters – Duncanville, Texas
11. Pre-loaded candy machines with quarters – Duncanville, Texas
12. Made a micro-loan to a fruit and vegetable seller through Kiva – Grand Prairie, TX (to benefit Sincelejo, Colombia)
13. Made a giant card for a friend who broke his leg
14. Invited new friends to celebrate the Creek Cleanup with cake and watermelon
15. Helped an elderly woman clean up the dog poop in her backyard
16. Delivered 66 blankets to babies in need – Las Vegas, Nevada
17. Helped a schoolmate study for final exams – Las Vegas, Nevada
18. Took cookies to the fire department – Sterling, VA
19. Taped quarters on a soda machine – Sterling, VA
20. Left a thank-you card and a bag of candy for the mailman – Sterling, VA
21. Sent a care package to daughter in college – Sterling, VA
22. Taped a $5 bill on the sidewalk – Sterling, VA
23. Made treats and dinner for a family in need – Las Vegas, Nevada
24. Organized teacher appreciation gift for daughter’s teacher – Grand Prairie, TX
25. Baked over 70 cupcakes for Boy Scouts Arrow of Light celebration – Grand Prairie, TX
26. Left some cookies at the door of a mother who is having a hard time
27. Kids sent a big box of old markers their school had collected to be recycled at Crayola
28. Visited The Hunger Site and clicked to give a cup of food to people in need
29. Visited The Animal Rescue Site and clicked to give food to a hungry animal
30. Donated to Save The Children’s earthquake relief fund – Grand Prairie, TX (to benefit Nepal)
31. Donated to charity: water (to benefit Nepal)
32. Bought a candy bar for a cashier
33. Gave quarters to kids in the arcade area at Walmart
34. Bought a pizza to give to a homeless couple
35. Asked a cashier what her favorite treat was, then bought it for her – Phoenix, AZ
36. Listened to, and helped, a friend going through a relationship problem – Provo, UT
37. Delivered dinner and snacks to an elderly man who was sitting alone in his car, under a tree
38. Let a rude and angry driver pull ahead into the lane – Dallas, TX
39. Babysat for a parent who is going through a separation – Salt Lake City, Utah
40. Took a surprise birthday gift to a child’s teacher – Salt Lake City, Utah
41. Donated money to Primary Children’s Hospital while checking out at Walmart – Salt Lake City, Utah
42. Wrote thank-you notes to a child’s teachers (including specialists) – Grand Prairie, TX
43. Donated to Fallen Heroes Fund
44. Threw a last-minute baby shower for a soon-to-be mother who doesn’t have any family in the country – Duncanville, TX
45. Took groceries to a family in desperate need – Denver, PA
46. Gave outgrown toys to someone whose grandson needed them, rather than selling them as planned
47. Helped a kindergardener find a tooth that had been (literally) lost on the playground
48. Made teacher appreciation gifts for my son’s preschool
49. Cooked brownies for the piano teacher
50. Gave a gift card to a family that needed to a boost – Manteca, CA
51. Clicked to donate at The Literacy Site
52. Clicked to donate at The Autism Site
53. Clicked to donate at The Breast Cancer Site
54. Clicked to donate at The Rainforest Site
55. Shared a “Go Fund Me” account on Facebook
56. Made a donation to help a child with kidney failure
57. Ran errands for his busy wife
58. Made dinner for his wife
59. Bought a gift card for a teacher
60. Sent a friend an uplifting note
61. Made a donation to help spend special needs kids to surf camp
62. Made a donation to Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary
63. Left a sizeable tip for a hotel maid
64. Gave the gas attendant a Million Dollar Bill chocolate bar in honor of “Be A Millionaire Day”
65. Spread information about Autoimmune Arthritis Awareness Day

10 Comments on 100 Acts of Kindness Day

  1. We watched a child all day for a parent who is going through a separation.

    We took a surprise birthday gift to a teacher of our kindergartener.

    Donated $ to primary children’s hospital while checking out at Walmart.

    Thanks for this fun challenge, Kimber!! We think you’re amazing and love you!!

  2. Maybe it’s too late to post this, but I just came upon your blog (love it!) and have personally been working with my children to do RAOK’s every day. This month we’re having fun trying to “theme” our kindnesses with the little known holidays of the day! So on Wednesday the 20th we gave the guy who pumped our gas a Million Dollar Bill chocolate bar…in honor of the little known holiday of the day…”Be a Millionaire Day”! It was also Autoimmune Arthritis Awareness Day on May 20th, so I worked to spread awareness on social media by posting information and resources.