I am so thankful to Linda, who shared this heartwarming story with us on our Facebook page, and who gave me permission to share it with all of you as today’s Kindness Matters Monday post!

Kindness Matters Monday

“Every October, our church takes a weekend to help the community. We call it LoveLoud (Action speaks louder than words). Anyone, anything, anywhere help is needed. They give haircuts, small dental work, car washes, oil changes, clean yards, treat local firefighters, police, other community professionals to a meal, go to nursing homes, hospitals, many more things I can’t even remember. You know the bible verse about helping widows and orphans. Well, I don’t fit either category, but I am unmarried with no children. In 2013, a mess of men came to my house and worked from sunup to sundown for 2 days cleaning my yard, laying new mulch, trimming trees, cutting grass and other lawn care tasks. They replaced all my gutters, did inside small carpentry jobs and left me feeling like a queen!”

Thanks, Linda, for the wonderful story, and for the positive comments you often leave on our Facebook page – you truly make our online community a better place, and I am thankful for you! And thank you for getting us motivated for this week’s 100 Acts of Kindness Challenge!

2 Comments on Kindness Matters Monday – LoveLoud

  1. Every community should sponsor a LoveLoud week-end. I have been involved in several sponsored by First Baptist Church, Woodstock GA and always felt rewarding, knowing you are providing a service etc to many in our community.