Welcome back to Kindness Matters Monday! Last week, I shared a story from my friend Julianne. I am so grateful that she shared two more with me! Here’s the next one:

Kindness Matters Monday

“We have the style of bathroom with a giant tub and a separate stall shower. Since the shower space isn’t very big, my husband and I both hang our luffas on the handle, the lone hook-like option available for such a use. Every morning, my thoughtful husband removes mine and replaces it so it is always on the top. I never have to take his off the handle in order to access mine. Not only is it a nice gesture, but it means that every time he soaps himself up, he thinks of me and how to make my life just that little bit easier.”

After I read this story, I spent a while trying to figure out why I love it so much. And here’s what I decided: it’s because it’s such a tiny thing. It takes mere seconds to do. But when this man pauses and takes a moment to make his wife’s life a tiny bit easier, it shows her that she matters to him, that he’s thinking of her, and that he loves her.

It makes a difference in her day.

It matters enough for her to notice, and it matters enough for her to share it with me.

Kindness matters, y’all.

Let’s go be kind today.

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