Well, y’all, time for another Service Thursday challenge. This week’s challenge was inspired by my wonderful cousin Danielle, who writes at Today’s The Best Day. She has organized a fantastic cause: Boogie On For Babies. The idea is simple: Dance. And donate a blanket. Cute idea, right?

Danielle has partnered with The Lullaby Connection, a non-profit organization with an inspiring mission: “We are dedicated to making sure that every at-risk baby born in the Las Vegas Valley begins their life with something new, warm, and filled with love.” Darla, the founder of TLC, shares her story on Danielle’s blog. It began when she, as a volunteer at a local hospital, found out that many local mothers in difficult financial positions did not have clothing or even a blanket to bring their babies home from the hospital in. When she saw one mother wrap her baby up in her own sweater, her heart broke. And she decided to help. I’d encourage you to read her sweet story here.

The Baby Blanket Challenge

So what are we going to do this week? Here are some ideas for you!

* Participate in Danielle’s Boogie On For Babies challenge! Buy a blanket to send into The Lullaby Connection. Video yourself (your kids, your dog, whoever) dancing, post it on Facebook, and challenge three other friends to take the challenge!

* Help a friend or a neighbor. Do you know of someone who could use a little bit of support (financially, or even just emotionally) who has a new baby? Show up with a baby blanket, and then stick around for a few minutes and see if you can help! Offer to hold the baby while mom and dad take a nap, bring over dinner, drop off muffins for breakfast … just do something to show that you care!

* Donate a baby blanket locally. There are likely many places around you who would be thrilled to receive your donation. You can try a hospital, a pregnancy resource center, a homeless center, or even a food pantry. If they don’t need your donation, they will likely be very happy to tell you who could use it.

* Involve your friends. Try planning a baby shower for charity! This was one of the most fun girls’ nights that I have ever organized. It is SO fun to serve with your friends!

Serving as friends

That’s our service challenge this week! How are you going to participate? Are you going to boogie for a baby? Are you going to challenge your friends to join you? Are you going to pull out your sewing machine? Are you going to head to the store? I’d love to hear how you’re going to participate this week!

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  1. What a great blog! I found it through 1000 voices for compassion. You are giving everyone opportunities to give to their communities. Keep up the good work.