Happy Kindness Matters Monday! After taking a little blogging break, I’m so excited to be back! And I’m very grateful for my sweet friend Julianne, who submitted today’s Kindness Matters story:

Kindness Matters Monday

It was our turn to provide the afternoon snack in my son’s classroom. It had been a busy week and I hadn’t had time to make something at home, so I loaded my two youngest in the car and we set off to pick something up at the store. Along with the chocolate doughnuts my son requested, I picked up a few other groceries. I told the cashier the competing prices for the produce and other items I was price matching, and when she asked if that was all I said yes. She picked up the doughnuts, a type of product I never purchase and consequently rarely notice in the ads, and said she was sure they were on sale somewhere. She searched through all the newspaper ads until she found the sale price, saving me two dollars. I was touched by the kindness of this stranger, who went above and beyond her duties to help me save a couple bucks. “

As a frugal mom myself, this little story touched my heart! The cashier had no obligation to do this – she was just took the opportunity to pause in the middle of her busy day to help a stranger. And isn’t that what Kindness Matters Monday is all about??

My challenge to you: keep your eyes open today! Find a way, big or small, to show kindness to a stranger. Thanks, Julianne, for this sweet story!

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