This afternoon, as I was wondering what to share for our Kindness Matters Monday post, I stumbled across this picture on Facebook and it caught my eye. Although I have read Anne Frank’s story several times, I hadn’t ever looked up the story of Miep, the incredible secretary who risked her life in a heroic attempt to save others. She sacrificed much to provide for the needs – and even the wants – of the inhabitants of The Secret Annex. And after the capture of the refugees, she snuck back into the ransacked annex (at enormous risk to herself) and retrieved Anne’s precious notebook. She kept Anne’s diary safe and returned it to Mr. Frank when he was released from Auschwitz. Because of her, we have the story of Anne Frank,

Although the Holocaust is full of stories of horror and terror, it is also full of heroes. Let’s remember the heroes.

Check out this post from “A Mighty Girl” to learn more about this remarkable woman, or read this Wikipedia article or this lovely tribute. And remember.

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  1. What a cool story! I’ve read the book many times, and my daughter is reading it right now. I definitely recognized the name of Miep Gies, but I had never thought about the rest of her story. Thank you!