I’m looking out my window right now, and the sights I see fill my heart with joy. The trees are tentatively releasing leaves. Curious young plants are poking out of the ground. Daffodills – which, just two days ago, were just green stalks and leaves – have bloomed, giving my backward a glorious splash of yellow. Life, which looked much more bleak and dismal a week ago, is full of promise and potential.

(Can you tell what my favorite season is?)

Y’all, I love spring. It’s good for my soul. And I love that Easter happens in the spring. It’s a time of hope and rejuvenation and new life. The winter is ending, the days are getting longer … I am just thrilled. And in honor of my favorite season, we’re beginning a new service project. Like many of our other projects, this is a “pay it forward” idea. Basically, you do our service challenge this week, and hopefully the recipient of your service will pass it on before Easter!

You've Been Egged!

This week, we’re going “egging”. Not the mean kind of egging where you toss raw eggs at someone’s home. But … service egging, I suppose. 🙂

To participate in this week’s challenge, you just need a few things:

* Plastic Easter eggs and something to fill them with

This printable tag (Note – this will open as a Word document and print two tags per page. If you’d like a larger or smaller image, please let me know! I’d be happy to send it to you.)

You've Been Egged printable

The idea is simple – go spread some Easter sunshine! You can leave a stocked Easter basket on a doorstep. You can hide the eggs on someone’s lawn, leave an empty basket on the doorstep, ring the doorbell, and run. You can even make an Easter craft (like this cute one here) if you’re artsy!

Here are a few ideas for egg fillers:

* Individually wrapped candies

* Small toys or stickers (for children)

* Little notes (love notes, encouraging notes, favorite scriptures, etc.)

* If your budget allows, you might even consider adding money to the eggs if you know someone who is struggling financially. Or even just adding a few coins to your eggs will delight small children!

I’ve created these printable tags for use to use. Why? To encourage people to pass on the fun! The nice thing about plastic eggs is that they’re reusable. The person you “egg” can enjoy the treats in their eggs, fill them up again, and pass on the fun to someone else. Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone in your neighborhood was “egging” each other?

Update: My kids and I “egged” their teachers this week, and the printables were too big for us to use. So I re-formatted the printable – if you’d like a smaller image, you can print off this one – You’ve been egged printable – 8 per page. These are small enough to print, cut out, and tuck inside a plastic Easter egg with a few pieces of candy. 🙂

Here’s an alternate idea for you: If your budget is tight, there’s no need to buy anything this week. Just cut some eggs out of construction paper, write fun notes on them, and leave them on someone’s door. You can even do that in public places for strangers to find – stuck on windshields, taped on bathroom mirrors … be creative!

So go out and spread some Easter sunshine this week! I’d love to hear what fantastic ideas you come up with.

28 Comments on You’ve Been Egged! – An Easter Service Challenge

  1. One thing about me, I absolutely love giving back. Small acts of kindness make such a difference. You have given me a wonderful idea to do this in my area for some of the military families I live near. Thank you! I’m also sharing this and hope it will inspire others to do the same!

  2. This is such a fun idea and spring is the perfect time to have some fun and spread some good cheer to others. Although I don’t celebrate Easter, this “egged” idea can work for us all. It reminds me of the “happiness sprinkling” project and others that get you out and interacting and building community, even if just for one brief interaction. Hope lots of people get “egged” thanks for this lovely easy to participate in initiative.

    • I agree – spring is such a great time to spread cheer. As I mentioned to Roslyn, maybe you can donate some eggs to a local food kitchen? They’re a great source of protein, which is something that most food pantries are in great need of. I think I might do that, too. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  3. Such a fantastic idea! My kids will love it. I’m so happy to found your site, random acts of kindness are a secret passion of mine. I’m excited for some new ideas.

  4. Kimberly, what a terrific idea. I work with lots of elderly people at my day job…I have a few in mind that I can “Egg”. Actually, on Tuesday I was planning to bring one of them some Farm Fresh Eggs from my hens…this wonderful little 86 year old grew up on a chicken farm and shared with me that she missed Farm Fresh Eggs…little does she know…she will get Egged…and I will add a few more surprises. GREAT idea!

  5. What a great idea, Kimber! These surprise acts of kindness are just fantastic to bring smile on someone face or help out somebody “in secret” (many people feel embarrassed that they need help).

    Awesome idea of sharing the spring and Easter spirit and fun!

  6. What a beautiful idea! Random acts of kindness are so meaningful in this world and little actions can really make a difference. I think by sharing and giving over the Easter holiday, this will make this idea doubly special for our kids. Thanks for this!