Well, friends, it’s almost March already. So this week, it’s time for a new service challenge! And in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day …

Lucky Day

Everyone loves feeling like they’re having a lucky day. Wouldn’t it be fun to go around, doing random acts of kindness for others and CREATING luck for them? I think so!

This challenge is similar to our other Random Acts of Kindness Challenge (like the Service Ghost challengeΒ and the Feel the Love challenge). You can print off a copy of our little handout. Then … just go spread some good luck!

Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

* Use the ideas from our quarter challenge and our dollar challenge – go hide a little bit of money somewhere intentional (taped on a vending machine, in the Laundromat, etc.) and leave one of these notes behind.

* Do something kind for someone in your house and leave a card behind. “It’s your lucky day – I did your chores for you! Pay it forward by making it someone else’s lucky day!”

* Leave a small present on a neighbor’s doorstep, and start a kindness movement in your neighborhood!

* Pay for the next person in line at a fast food restaurant or on a toll bridge, and ask the cashier to pass along a “Lucky Day” card to the person you’ve paid for.

* Go to a local thrift store. Hide a little bit of money in a coat (or purse, or inside a book). Be sure to attach a note – either one of our printables or an encouraging note of your own – so the recipient knows it’s meant to be taken, not just lost money that perhaps should be turned in. πŸ™‚

If you’d like to print off copies of our image (shown above), just click here –Β Lucky Day printables. This will download as a Word document with 12 images per page. Then you can just print, cut, and serve. πŸ™‚ If you have an trouble with the printable, please let me know!

So let’s get going and make it someone’s lucky day! What are you planning on doing this week to spread the luck?

2 Comments on The Lucky Day Challenge

  1. What fun! I’m currently in Vegas working. Maybe I’ll give some people dollars to play the slot machines. But if they win, I want half! πŸ˜‰