For today’s Kindness Matters Monday post, we’re featuring an article from She Lives Free. This story touched my heart, and I hope it inspires you to go do some good today!

Kindness Matters Monday


Dear Drive-Thru Angel,

We had never met before. By the world’s standards, you had no reason to show us any more kindness than anyone else. But that’s just it – something tells me you are just that kind to everyone who is fortunate enough to visit your drive-thru window, having no idea the sheer joy they are about to encounter from surely the world’s friendliest, happiest Arby’s employee, (maybe even the world’s happiest person) :).

You had no clue how we would respond when you attributed your joy to “Him”. You could not have guessed we would respond in kind as you declared that there is every reason to be glad and grateful just because you got to wake up this morning. But you did it anyway, because you felt it so sincerely that the joy seemed to emanate from your every pore, straight from the heart. Well I want you to know, we caught that joy as it seeped out of you and we bottled it up so that we too, may share it with others who need it – inspired by your example. 

... To read the rest of this sweet tribute, you can visit She Lives Free’s post here

Sybil Brun blogs at She Lives Free. According to her profile, “Pretty much a people connector and purveyor of positivity! I’m crazy about color, cappucino, sunshine, warm weather and finding the beauty in each new day, (no matter what the weather)! PS – The beach is my happy place, where’s yours?” Fun, right? You can find her at her website, She Lives Free, or on Facebook. Thank you, Sybil, for today’s Kindness Matters Monday submission!

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