It’s service Thursday – Valentine’s edition. 🙂

Do you love Valentine’s Day? This challenge is for you!

Do you hate Valentine’s Day? This challenge is for you!

Are you indifferent about Valentine’s Day? This challenge is for you!

So here’s the thing about a holiday that’s all about love and romance: it can be really fun. Or it can be really hard.

But no matter how you feel about it … it gives you a great opportunity to spread kindness!

This week, we are going to write love notes. Not the sappy “You are my sun and my world and my universe” love notes (although, of course, those are great, and feel free to write one of those, too). We’re just going to use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to make sure someone knows that they are loved.

Ready for some ideas?

Love note challenge

* Leave a note for someone who lives in your house. You can write in a mirror, leave a note taped somewhere, write a note on a napkin of a lunch bag, hide a note somewhere that will eventually be discovered … just a little way to let your spouse, parent, or child know that they are loved.

* Hide a note for a stranger to find. You can leave a “You are loved!” note on a bathroom mirror in a public restroom. You can tape a motivational note up somewhere in your workplace for others to find. “Thanks for being here today – you matter!” Cheesy, yes. But … it’s Valentine’s Day. You have an excuse to be cheesy. And you never know who might really need a little bit of love.

* Mail a Valentine’s card. Do you have a loved one who will be lonely on Valentine’s day? A grandparent? A widowed friend? A single relative? Someone going through a divorce? Someone in a nursing home? Valentine’s Day can be a rocky one for many people. Who do you know that could really use a kind card? (Pretty much anyone! Who doesn’t love finding actual mail – not just bills – in their mailbox?)

* Write notes with sidewalk chalk. Leave a message on your driveway welcoming home a family member from work or school. Sneak to a friend’s house and write a message (you can do it anonymously if you want). Write notes on a sidewalk for passerbys to read. Something as small as a simple chalk picture can easily be enough to brighten someone’s day. This is a great one to get kids involved with!

* Give someone a heart attack. (A nice one, of course!) Cut out paper hearts and plaster a door with them! This would be fun on a bedroom door as well as a front door. Leave behind a kind note.

And remember, you can always use our printable, especially if you want to be anonymous, or if you want to encourage someone to pay it forward. 🙂

Happy Valentine's Day!

That’s our simple little challenge! Who are you going to write a note to this week?

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