Today’s Kindness Matters Monday post is from my friend Jen. She’s kind, she’s funny, and I wish she’d been one of my high school teachers!

Kindness Matters Monday

I teach high school–and I must say–I teach in an awesome school district and I LOVE my job. However–we all know that no matter how great teens can be–they can ALL have their moments! Anyway, last year–I had been having a particularly bad couple of weeks. I had a lot going on in my life with a house build that was “going wrong”– an elderly mother (who lives with me) that had taken ill–my brother (and best friend) was going through a really bad time –and at 6000 miles away–there was nothing I could do–and to boot, I had just come back to work after major surgery. Because of my surgery–I was unable to start the new semester–with an “all new” group of kids. I hadn’t set the ground rules and my expectations on day one–so when I returned–six weeks into the semester–I had quite the challenge ahead of me–getting the kids to “live up to my expectations”. Anyway, after a couple of weeks of just everything seeming to go wrong–I was hanging on by a thread–which was really hard for me–as I am typically a very strong person! On my way to school this particular morning–I just seemed to come “undone”–I had had it–just felt like I couldn’t do it anymore! When I got to school–I walked down the hallway to my classroom–just wanting to turn around and run the other way–back to my car–head home and bury my face in the fur of my puppies and cry! I was a wreck–something I was NOT used to! As I can around the corner, hanging on my door nob was a small bouquet of supermarket flowers–nothing fancy. It was the note that accompanied them that made all of the difference! It said…”You have been “flower bombed!” I hope these flowers brighten your day…you were missed around here and I for one– am GLAD YOU’RE BACK! Thanks for being awesome!” I had no idea who they were from–a student or a staff member–I just know that at that moment–it was–without a doubt the most important thing that had happened to me in a long time! That small act of kindness–unbeknownst to the giver–changed my entire outlook and in turn–the rest of my school year! I learned a valuable lesson too–one that I try to pass on every chance I get–a few kind words–written or spoken–can make all the difference–also–it’s really fun to flower bomb!!!

I hope this story encourages you to be a little kinder and a little more thoughtful. You truly never know what a difference you might be making! If you have a story you’d like to submit as a Kindness Matters Monday post, please e-mail me at If you have a blog or a website you’d like me to link to, please include that as well. Thank you for sharing positivity with us!

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