Our next Kindness Matters Monday post comes from Patricia, who is, in fact, one of the kindest people I know:

Years ago my brother-in-law stopped me in the hallway at church and complimented me about the way I looked that day.  He said, “You sure look pretty today”. I responded apologetically with something like. “No, my hair is a mess, I look fat in this dress…”  He stopped me mid-sentence and said, “I want you to stop that and from now on when someone compliments you I want you to just say ‘Thank You’.”  He then explained how awkward it is for the person who is giving the compliment to have a response like I was giving.  He was determined and didn’t walk away until I agreed to change my response, starting then. He repeated the compliment and waited for me to say ‘Thank You’.

Afterwards I thought about that a lot and decided I really did need to stop putting myself down. I became determined to accept his challenge, from then on. It was weird for the first little while but then it slowly turned into genuine heart felt ‘Thank You’s’ for any kind of compliment I received.

I still have moments of insecurity but that ‘Kind’ moment truly had a positive impact on how I feel about myself and the things I do.  I don’t know if he ever realized how much it would affect me. I’m sure grateful for it though. ~Thank you Jesse (my brother-n-law).

~Patricia H.

Thank you for sharing, Patricia! It is so wonderful to hear how his moment of encouragement has had a lasting impact on your life.

Kindness Matters Monday

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