One more week until Christmas!


Are you feeling stressed?


Do you have gifts to wrap, shopping to do, packages to take to the post office, cookies to bake, parties to attend … and then, you know, regular stuff … like keeping little people fed and bathed, working, cleaning, grocery shopping, taking care of pets …


Yeah. This is my favorite time of year – but if you’re like me, you’re probably feeling just a bit frazzled at the moment.


So this week’s service challenge is a simple one. I invite you to take a little bit of time to spread some kindness, AND to relax and enjoy the season.


Introducing …

Christmas decoration challenge


(I know – kind of a mouthful!)


Here’s what I want you to do: walk or drive around your neighborhood. Drop by the homes that you admire. Say thank you.


That’s it!


Our family participated in this challenge this week. We have a family member on our Christmas list who loves to do nice things for other people. We wanted to do some kind of gift with meaning for her. So we talked about her and about how much she loves to do kind things for people, and we came up with this activity to do in her honor.

 Thank you treat


We assembled little treats (hot cocoa and candy canes) and added a note. Then we drove around our neighborhood and let the kids choose the homes with “the bestest” Christmas decorations. My husband kept the truck running, I dropped off the treat, rang the doorbell, and sprinted back to the truck. The kids had so much fun with the doorbell-ditching idea! And it was so much fun to take the evening to just enjoy the lovely decorations in our neighborhood.

Fun with candy canes


So here are a few ideas for you this week:

* Simply knock on the door of a neighbor and give him or her a sincere compliment on the way that their home is decorated. It takes a fair amount of time and effort to decorate – you’ll probably make that person’s day by complimenting that effort!

* Print off a little tag (you are welcome to use my “Thank you for your decorations!” printable – it’s what I designed for my family) and leave a note in the mailbox of homes you admire.

* Come up with a small treat, attach a tag, and doorbell ditch!

* Make one certificate (and buy a prize, if you’d like). Spend some time admiring the decorations in your area. Then come back to your very favorite home and present a grand prize!

 Neighborhood treats

This challenge should be simple – you can do it in minutes, or you can take a few hours if you’d like. But I hope it gives you the opportunity to spread kindness and gratitude, to connect with your neighbors, and to slow down a bit and enjoy the season.


Merry Christmas, y’all!


9 Comments on The Christmas Decoration Appreciation Challenge

  1. I Love that people are starting to do this more. There are so many incredible decorations and I’m sure it feels nice to get a thank you after all that work!

  2. What a great idea! I always appreciate a beautifully decorated home, but I’ve never thought to thank the home owners for all the work they put into making it look lovely for the holidays. I love it!

    • Thanks, Heidi! This was my first year doing it, and it was so much fun. And it has really opened our eyes so notice and appreciate all of the homes that are decorated!

  3. Such a great idea! I bet those people felt awesome receiving those packets! And I feel that people who go through all that trouble to decorate their houses should hear that people appreciate their work- way to go!

  4. What a fabulous idea! We were going to look at the lights tonight but this definitely makes it more meaningful. Love the printables to. Thank you Kimber!