Happy Thursday, y’all! Every Thursday, we have a weekly service challenge at Let’s Do Some Good Today. My goal is to help you see that serving others can be simple and manageable. If you are new here, welcome! And if you are returning, thank you so much for hanging around. 🙂

This week I am taking a bit of a blogging break so I can spend some time with my family. So instead of a new service challenge, I am going to ask you to pick one that you haven’t done yet. Here are a few suggestions:

If you haven’t read last week’s post, I would love it if you would take a minute to do so now. I hope I’m able to share a few ideas with you that will be helpful as you do your holiday shopping this next month.

My first service challenge was one of my very favorites – the quarter challenge. If you haven’t tried that one, you should! It’s fast, cheap, and SO fun! You can check out the dollar challenge, as well.

I also suggest you look into the blessing bag challenge. This one can go in several different directions: you can keep a blessing bag in your car to give to someone in need, you can donate them to a local homeless shelter, you can take some to a hospital, or you can donate them to a food pantry. I’ve done all of these things, and every single person who has accepted my donations has been very grateful. In fact, when I dropped some items off at a food pantry during the feed a stranger challenge, I left and then came back a moment later to ask a question – and found all three volunteers hovering over the blessing bags, oohing and aahing. It’s not a donation they normally receive, and they were thrilled to be able to add them to the bags of food that they distribute.

So this week, pick a challenge you haven’t completed yet and go for it. I’ll be back in a few days, and I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to! Thank you SO much for changing the world with me. 🙂

P.S. This isn’t a service challenge … but if you haven’t read it yet, I’d love to have you read my very first blog post. It is a story that has meant a lot to me, and I hope it makes you think a bit.

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