Lest We Forget

This morning as I was walking my son into preschool, I was stopped by his music teacher. I could tell instantly that something was wrong. As she began to speak, my suspicions were confirmed.

The soldier that my son’s class has “adopted” has been badly hurt.

“He’s been moved to Germany. I don’t know what’s wrong. They won’t tell me anything else because I’m not family. But he doesn’t HAVE any family. There’s no one to contact.” Her eyes filled with tears. “I’m sorry. I don’t know why I’m crying. I don’t even know him.”

Why was she crying?

Why am I crying?

We’re crying because right now there is a young man who is sitting in Germany who has been seriously hurt. He is alone. There is no one to call and check up on him. He has no idea that there are many of us here who are praying for him, rooting for him, and desperately hoping that he heals quickly.

We’re crying because every soldier should have someone at home to cry for them.

So today, I am saying many prayers for our “adopted” soldier. And I’m saying a prayer that our little care package will race its way to him (and that it will be transferred to where it’s supposed to go).

We had no idea when we decided to adopt him that this terrible day would be coming. All we knew was that there was a lonely soldier, and that we wanted to help. And I’m so, so glad we did.

So today, this Veterans day, please take a moment to thank a soldier. Write a letter, send a care package. Do something small, do something big.

Today … remember.

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