A few days ago I was talking to my children about service projects. I mentioned to them that it’s my job to choose a new service challenge to share every Thursday on this website, and I asked them to think of their favorite way to serve.

The answer was instant.


So here it is, this week’s service challenge, lovingly chosen by my 6-year-old …

Dollar challenge

This challenge is much like The Quarter Challenge. It’s very simple: take a dollar bill and hide it for someone else to find. Leave a little note with it so that the person who finds it knows it’s meant for them.

That’s it!

Here are a few different ideas for you:

* My family likes going to the Dollar Tree to hide dollar bills. (My kids love going up and down the aisles, being VERY SNEAKY, and finding hiding places.) Sometimes our notes just say something like “Surprise!” or “Have a nice day!” But sometimes they get more specific. We always hide at least one dollar in the medicine aisle with a note saying “I hope you get well soon!” It’s really fun to hide dollar bills in the toy aisle saying “Have fun!”.

* Many stores (like Target and Michaels) have a dollar section. This is a great place to go! You can also think of other items that cost $1 or less (like candy bars or toy cars) and leave a dollar tucked/taped in there.

* If you have a little more money to spend on this challenge, perhaps you could think a little bigger. Think of someone who might be in need of some money and hide a larger bill. Tape a $10 bill on a package of diapers for a new parent to find. Stick some cash near an expensive medication. Think of what someone on a tight budget would be buying and leave a little bit of money there with an encouraging note.

* If you’d like to participate in this challenge but you on a very tight budget yourself, you can still help! You can do the Quarter Challengeย instead. If you get the Sunday paper (or are friends with someone who does), you can clip out extra coupons and be a “coupon fairy”, leaving them at the store for someone else to use. Or you can just write little notes of encouragement! “Get well” on a box of medicine, “You’re an awesome parent” on a car seat, “Looking good today” on makeup, and so on.

You know why I love this challenge? Because $1 doesn’t seem like much in the grand scheme of things. It’s not enough to end world hunger or to cure cancer or to pay off someone’s student loans for them.

But you know what?

It might be enough to make someone’s day.

I’m in!

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    • Absolutely – you should do it tomorrow AND at Christmas! ๐Ÿ™‚ My kids and I went a few days ago and they had SO much fun being sneaky. I love to put encouraging notes by the medicine, they love to hide dollars in the toy bins.