I am so glad we decided to do the Thank a Soldier Challenge last week. It has been an amazing opportunity for my family. We started by gathering up some scrapbooking supplies, pulling out the Cricut, and assembling a kit of Halloween-ey things to send with my son to preschool. He came home with this pile of awesomeness:

Thanking our soldiers

What’s next? Well, I talked with my son’s wonderful teacher, and she and I both love the idea of adopting a soldier. So I’m making fliers to send home with the other parents to let them know about our special new project, and over the next two weeks, we’re going to start working on a Christmas package! Remember, if you’re sending something overseas, it takes a LONG time to get there. And since there are a lot more packages going out during the holidays, if you want something to be there before Christmas, you really need to have it mailed off by the first week of November.

(Um, Kimber, aren’t your Halloween cards going to be a little late?)

(Why yes, they are. I’m learning as I go.)

(But really, I think a little care package from preschoolers is going to make his day. Even if it arrives in the wrong season. I hope.)

I hope this week’s challenge has given you the opportunity to think a little more about the brave men and women who defend our freedom, of the sacrifices they make, and of a way you might be able to better show your support for them. Thanks for joining in!

Thank a Soldier Challenge

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