As I’ve mentioned previously, I have been writing a series of guest posts at This isn’t a couponing website, and I’m not planning on sharing tons of money saving/money making posts over here. But I am a HUGE believer in being a good steward over your money. There might be a few things you can do to save a little bit of money here and there, or perhaps to earn a bit of extra cash. And if you can save (or earn) an extra $10 this week, I’d invite you to consider giving some of it away. Scatter quarters around, donate a few dollars to a good cause – whatever “your thing” is, do it! Here are a few links for you to check out, if you’re interested:

Save a little, earn a little, give a little


If you’d like to learn how to save money at Walmart, check out this post. If Target is your store, check here.


If you’d like to learn how to make a little bit of money with your smartphone, this post might be interesting for you to read.


If you want to check out a new generation of “mail-in” rebates (minus the “mail” part), here is an article for you. (It’s actually really easy. No stamp required.)


And finally, if you’d like to check out my favorite website that offers ways to earn a little bit of cash from home, you can check out this article.


There are lots of ideas – hopefully you can learn something new. I have personally used every one of these sites/apps/tips, and they have allowed me to give more generously. I have made blessing bags with the money I’ve earned from Shopkick, I’ve packed shoeboxes and taken my kids out on lunch dates with Swagbucks money, and I’ve used my couponing skills to allow me to purchase items to donate to my local women’s shelter for almost no money out of pocket.


If you have any couponing questions, please know you can ALWAYS ask me. I’m happy to help!

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