You know those people who just love fall? The ones who are on Facebook rejoicing because YAY, it’s sweater-football-cider-scarf-hot-chocolate-not-a-million-degrees-outside-season?

Yeah, that’s not me.

Because fall means winter is coming, and winter and I … we don’t get along so well.

But whether I like it or not, fall is here, and I decided I’d make the best of it by embracing it! So in the spirit of all things fall, here is our first Halloween service project – the service ghost!

Service ghost

I came across this post on I Can Teach My Child (an excellent resource if you have young children), and I loved the idea of a service ghost. It’s a simple way to let someone know you care about them – and hopefully, by leaving a note behind, your friend will decide to pay it forward!

So here’s how to do this challenge. It’s pretty simple. Do something nice, and leave behind a note.

That’s it!

There are tons of different ways you can go about this challenge. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Create a “service ghost” for your household. When you find the ghost, it means someone has done something kind for you! (Done your chore, cleaned your room, made you a treat, etc.) Come up with some kind of “rule” for the ghost (such as, you have 24 hours to pay it forward to someone in your family).
  • Drop off a treat or a small fall-themed gift (candle, pumpkin, etc.) on someone’s desk at work or school, or leave it on someone’s doorstep.
  • Find an act of service you enjoy doing (like the quarter challenge) and leave the note behind – this way you are serving people you don’t even know!

Find something that works for you and go for it! You can make a card, your kids can draw a ghost, or to keep it simple, I made this little note. I’m going to print it off and use it – you’re welcome to do the same! (Service ghost printable)

Just think – if everyone who reads this challenge decides to do an act of service (or two), and every person who receives it decides to pay it forward … by Halloween, our cute little service ghosts will have done a LOT of good!

I look forward to seeing what you come up with! Happy Fall, y’all!

2 Comments on The Service Ghost Challenge

  1. Just wanted to say that we have been using the service ghost and it is so fun! Thanks for the great inspiration. 🙂