A huge thank you to those who have joined in our weekly service challenges! It has been so wonderful for me to hear from those of you who are looking for opportunities to reach out and make the world a better place.

The past few weeks we have focused on reaching out to strangers. But this week, we’re going to bring the service challenge home.

Has anyone ever given you a gift “just because”? Flowers, a card, a treat … whatever the gift is, when someone gives you something “just because”, it can totally transform your day. To know that someone loved you enough to go out of their way and do something kind for you is an amazing feeling!

Introducing this week’s challenge – the Just Because challenge!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like I get so busy with day-to-day life that I miss precious opportunities to reach out to the people who are right in front of me. So for the next week, I’m going to focus on serving those who I see every day. I’m starting today!

Just Because

When I pick my kids up from school, I’m going to have a treat waiting for them in the car. Not a healthy snack, like I usually insist upon, but a cute bag of fruit snacks. I’ll explain to them that, just because I love them, I’ve brought them a special treat. Attached to that treat will be a paper heart.

Throughout the week, we will do random acts of kindness for one another. Each one will be anonymous, but when we do something kind for someone else, we will leave a little heart behind to let the recipient know that someone did something kind for them, just because.

There are a ton of different things you can do, but here are a few of the ideas I’m planning on sharing with my kids:

  • Making someone else’s bed
  • Cleaning up someone else’s room
  • Making a special treat
  • Drawing a picture and leaving it for someone to find
  • Earning money doing chores and buying a small gift for another person

Those are just a few ideas to start. As the week goes forward, I’ll share what we’ve come up with as a family.

Will you join us this week and make an effort to serve your family, just because? You can make paper hearts, you can leave notes, you can just do anonymous acts of kindness. You can assign everyone a buddy to do kind things for, you can reach out as a whole family and do something kind for a member of your extended family. You can reach out and give just because gifts to other people in your life, like friends or teachers … whatever your idea is, I’d love to hear it! Let’s spread lots of love this week, just because.

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