A few weeks ago, our weekly challenge was to start packing a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child. Several of you have told me (online or in person) that you’re planning on packing a shoebox this year, and I am SO thrilled! I “shoebox shop” all year, and it is such a joy.

Yesterday I was at Walgreens looking for items for blessing bags, and I stumbled across a great find – school supplies on clearance!

Shane's Fourth Birthday 041

All of this cost me a whopping $13.38. I am thrilled! I had been hoping to stock up on pencil cases but never found a great deal. And I am so excited about the balls – there are less shoeboxes packed for boys than for girls, so I am always on the lookout for things to add to boy shoeboxes.

(Note – different stores mark things down on different days. Your local stores might already be sold out, items might not be marked down yet, or you might find a whole treasure trove of clearance items. It’s not worth a lot of time and gas to drive out of your way to clearance shop. But if you’re nearby, pop into Walgreens and check it out – you might be pleasantly surprised!)

Most stores are clearancing out some of their school supplies right now to make room for their Halloween displays, so if you’re out and about, keep your eyes peeled!

Happy shoebox-ing!

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