Today we were out running errands and we stopped by Target. I’d heard from several people about the great clearance at the Dollar Spot, so I took a look. And I’m SO glad I did!

Now here’s the nitty gritty – Target clearance can vary widely from store to store. But generally, here’s how it works. Each new “season” (Christmas, back to school, spring, etc.) a new line of items will come into the dollar spot. They will all have the same little image on it by the barcodeĀ (a small picture of a shape in a certain color, like black triangle or red circle).

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At the end of that “season”, everything in that line will go on clearance at the same time. So right now, everything with a black triangle on it is being clearanced out. At your store, the clearance items might already be gone. Or maybe they’re only at 30 or 50% off. But I got very lucky at mine – the clearance price was ringing out at 70% off. There were no signs, but since I knew what I was looking for, I found an item with a black triangle and scanned it at the price machine. It came up at 30 cents. I let out a little whoop, and my daughter and I went to town!

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If you’re at Target today, check out your Dollar Spot and see what you can find! And in the future, keep an eye out for clearance. Your shoebox budget will go SO much farther if you wait to buy items on sale!

(Just one more note – not every item listed here will get put into a shoebox. The puzzles, for instance, are too large to fit into a standard box. But at 30 cents, I snagged them to donate to a local children’s program. I wanted to show you everything I got, just in case there are no signs up in your store and you want to know what to be looking for.)

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